On baking

My baking experience was limited to the Home Econs lessons during secondary school. And I’ve always dreamed of having an oven at home so I can bake. Being in a typical chinese home, and a household that doesn’t fancy baked goods and western treats, this dream only came true last dec!! (Mum finally bought an oven for my birthday present as promised few years back.)

Thus far, I’ve baked a couple nice cookies, biscotti, applesauce cake, muffins.. My first butter cookies were made following the recipe on the box of Sunshine flour. It turned out kind of.. weird? Lol. My friend who has been baking for some time suggested that I use allrecipes, as those on packaging are mostly nonspecific.. not recommended. lolz.

This was the first ever chocolate chip cookies I made. (from AllRecipes, Dora’s best chocolate chip cookies). The first attempt turned out pretty well. It looked kind of uncooked but as it cools and hardens (slightly on the outside), the appearance turned out pretty good. Not too bad for a first timer.

The whole tin was gone the next day I went back to work.

Then I stumbled across a cookie recipe book (can’t resist recipe book… my passion for now :p) and they have this classic peanut butter cookie. It screams “bake me!” and yeah… so I did. Fabulous! (and easy) But it’s really fattening. Lol.

My colleagues were raving about these mini muffins, though it was kind of a failure as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, most of my baked goodies were left in the pantry. My mum would chide me, “why do u always bake and give your colleagues? You think all these ingredients are free?” Well, thats also because she doesn’t like people to mess with her kitchen.

But why not? Having to sample homebaked goodies once in a while makes everyone happy, gives me baking therapy and improving on my baking skills & knowledge. I consider it self-improvement. By sharing, it’s a win-win situation. 🙂

Savoury items too! Baked potato wedges are really easy. It may look a little charred but in fact it tastes really good, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Learnt that baking wedges could be so easy. 🙂

Other stuffs I’ve tried so far are oatmeal cake, granola bites, sour cream & raisin cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.. etc. The more I bake, the more I realised that it is really easy, and many things can in fact be DIY.

Some non-baking stuffs I made are pork porridge, chicken burgers, roast beef sandwich, nonbaked cheesecake, minestrone soup, japanse curry.. etc.

I’m improving. Lolz. 🙂


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