Almost amos chocolate chip cookies

(adapted from Fad About Food blog)

Unsalted Butter – 150gms
Fine Sugar – 100gms
Brown Mollases Sugar – 40gms
Medium Egg – 1 no (an extra yolk makes it richer)
Vanilla essence – 1tsp

Sift these ingredients and mix it well together:
All purpose Flour – 250gms
Cornflour – 20gms
Baking Soda – 1tsp
Fine Salt – 1/2 tsp
Dutch Process Cocoa Powder – 30gms

Walnuts Chopped Coarsely – 80gms – 120gms
Chocolate Chips – 60gms or more if you prefer.

Cream the butter and both sugars till they are light and fluffy. Unlike cakes, they wont turn pale because you are using brown sugar! But when it is light and fluffy, should be just right.
Add egg and beat on medium speed till well mixed. Add the teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Using the lowest speed of your mixer, mix in the flour mixture till it is fully incorporate, yet taking care you are not beating any air into it. This is done just very briefly.

Add the chopped nuts and chocolate chips. You may like to use pecans, macadamias or other nuts if you prefer. I like walnuts and cashews and they make a nice combination with chocolate chips. The quality of chocolate chips DO MAKE A LOT OF DIFFERENCE. I like Hershey’s chocolate chips that are not very sweet, slightly bitterish because it complements the cookie base. Other chips I’ve tried are just too sweet or some has a horrible aftertaste, probably from using poor quality cocoa.

Scoop them using an ice cream scoop or fork. Shape them manually or just drop them ‘au-natural’ onto your baking pan, that has been dusted with some flour.

Baking Temperature is 180 deg C for about 20mins. It is best to use a tooth pick and loosen each cookie before it cools as it tends to stick on the pan. Continue to cool on a rack and store in airtight container.”

I’ve tried the above recipe, sugar level halved and chocolate chips roughly whatever I have left, because previous recipes I’ve tried was absolutely too sweeeeet. My first bite, and I thought it was slight bitter, perhaps because of cocoa powder. Unsweetened cocoa powder are slightly bitter and more sugar might neutralise it somehow. But it was nice and crunchy, I cant stop the more I eat lolz… talk about diet plans. To cater for public tastebuds might have to up the sugar level, mayb 3/4 instead of 1/2. Or add more chocolate chips (didn seem to melt in though, became crunchy).

Anyways, it was a success. Crunch enough. Needs more sugar though ^^


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