CNY bake II – Crunchy Melty Almond Cookies

Chose to bake this due to time constraint and the dainty photographs of the cookies in the original post by j3ss kitchen. Ah.. But I forgot to get oil for the recipe.. So I made two mistakes which ruined the taste of the cookies. Texture was fine though, as per the title, crunchy melty.

j3ss kitchen crunchy melty almond cookies

Crunchy Melty Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies
(makes approximately 50 cookies)


150g self raising flour
80g icing sugar (reduced to 60g)
80g ground almond
80g diced almonds
100g corn oil
1/2 tsp almond essence
Egg yolk for brushing (omitted)

Sift together flour and icing sugar, add in ground almond and diced almonds, mix well.
Mix almond essence into corn oil and stir well.
Mix both ingredients together to form a soft dough. (the dough will come together when you roll them so don’t worry about it being crumbly)
Shape into small round balls and place into small paper casing and press it slightly.
Brush with egg yolk and decorate with toppings of your choice and bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 15-20mins or until slightly brown.
Cool completely on wire rack before storing into airtight containers. 

– As mentioned, ran out of corn oil (I believe any oil without strong flavour can be used, eg grapeseed, sunflower..). Only left with olive oil at home… It did turned out kinda weird.
– Feared about the overpowering by strong olive oil flavour, added 1/2 tsp more almond essence. Another mistake because it is not real almond, merely alcohol made with almond flavour. Therefore, the cookie was tainted with olive and alcohol accent. Weird indeed.
– Bought the wrong amount of almonds, 70g instead of 80g. Hence worried about strong olive flavour covering almond flavour, which also contributed to the wrong decision of increasing almond essence. Zzz..
– Texture was pretty decent. With the right ingredients it would be a hit. 🙂


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