Baking Class at Phoon Huat

I went for my very first baking class (after home econs lessons in secondary school) yesterday!

Have been baking for some time, cookies, cakes, scones, brownies, cheesecake.. Some turned out well, some not so good. I’ve always believed that anyone can bake. With google, it is even easier. Hence, I self-learned instead of going to baking classes. But I just wanted to try. I know some goodies are not meant for the amateur home baker. Let’s see what a baking class can bring. 🙂

Phoon Huat @ Sims Lane is just next to Aljunied MRT station, very convenient.

You will learn two recipes per lesson. Lessons will be taught almost everyday. Heard that the recipes taught will be changed every one to two weeks. Check their schedule & see what interests you. They also have demo workshops if you do not want to get your hands dirty. Booking is available from two weeks to one day before the lesson.

Phoon Huat Class Schedule

Our instructor was Patrick Pang. He does not smile much, but is knowledgeable, and imparts useful tips which differs slightly to the worksheet handed out. He went through the ingredient list, gives tips, and briefed us through the steps. After that, things will be moving fast. So listen carefully, bring a pen, so to maximise your learning.

I will not be updating the recipes until these two recipes are not taught for infringement of copyrights lol..

Here are the products.

Chocolate lava cake with salted caramel.

Hokkaido Milk Bread.

This was the spinoff of Hokkaido Milk Bread. The recipe taught was a basic soft bread recipe, and can be used for making other varieties – sugar roll, pork floss, otah, hotdog, cheese, whatever. The above was made with fruit pie filling, handmade by the instructor, not me. heh..

The lava cake was so heavenly.. absolutely delicious. Not too sweet as we used dark chocolate with 73% cocoa. The salted caramel pushes the oomph factor up many levels. Hokkaido milk bread was super soft and “bouncy”. It bounce back to its original soft and fluffy state no matter how you press it down. It was made using the Roux (Tang Zhong) method.

It was my first time making bread I think. Interesting. I also learnt how to roll the dough so it is nice & smooth.

Roll the dough like this!

You are expected to wash up your stuffs and clean your own tables. Some of the ingredients like roux, caramel and cocoa mixture were premade by the instructor to save time. But he would demo how to turn plain ingredients into heavenly concoction. Magic.

Overall, the lesson was fun and interesting. I learnt a lot! I love baking! 🙂


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