Liu Qian’s Magic Show @ Marina Bay Sands

Watched a wonderful magic show by Liu Qian (刘谦, Lu Chen) at MBS today. It was a two hour show, full of laughter, surprises, amazement, excitement, and of course, magic.

Sometimes, MBS invites performers from all around the world and gives out these tickets to its patrons. Sometimes, they also buy good seat tickets of certain shows and gives patrons complimentary tickets. I think it’s a nice gesture and good way to keep in the competitive business. Here, it is certainly not value-for-money but more of a ‘special’/’privileged’ treatment. Yes, I feel that way whenever I come.

Frankly, even if I had to pay for the show, I would do it again.

It was amazing. I was never a fan of magic, though I sometimes find it interesting. As I grow older, I figured magic is all but illusion. Hence the magic is much reduced. Anyway, watching liu qian was fun. He is certainly one of the best performers I have ever seen. His show is well planned, with little to no moments of boredom. Just laughter, enjoyment, amazement.

We were late by about 20 minutes so we missed out the front portion. It was a warm up performance, involving somebody’s money. When we came back, he magically made it reappear for the guy he borrow money from. The show was not a passive one way show. He engages in active interaction now and then with the audience, borrowing items, inviting people up on stage, playing frisbee.. Lol.

The show started with big items like disappearing, cutting people up, floating on air on a plank, shrinking people and making them reappear. The middle part was a long conversational performance. The guy who was invited up was absolutely annoying, trying to irritate the whole world and make things difficult for the host. However, that also displays Liu Qian’s incredibly high EQ. It then moved on to small items like sitting at a table and performing poker, rings magic, balls and coffee cup.

Stories were inter weaved into the performance, coupled with the humorous and confident host, the whole performance was one of the best I have seen. After watching the show, I understood why Liu Qian is one of the most successful magicians in Taiwan, and have performed with many other great magicians in many parts of the world.

To be successful, u not only have to be passionate, relationships are important too. He is a great performer. The stories are exciting, sad, funny, touching.. Especially the coffee cup story. He had a big brother Xu who performed the coffee cup and balls magic for him at 8 years old. He was amazed and decided to become a magician. That’s how long he trained for. Since 8 years old. Passion. How many people can get to know what they want since young? Some never find out. Some never bother to.

I don’t know if he was born with this ability to entertain. But he definitely is a very charismatic person. When u are in sync with yourself, know what u want in life, and pursue your dreams, I guess it just shows externally. U become happier, more confident, brave. Hopefully more charismatic too 🙂


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