Traditional Baked Mooncakes – with low sugar white lotus paste & salted egg yolks


This is my second attempt since last year’s pathetic-i-considered-failed-attempt. Thanks to improper research and skipping the use of proper moulds. 

Got the medium plunger type mooncake moulds from Bake King (Haig Road). Ingredients from Phoon Huat. Packaging and paste from Kwang Cheong Thye (KCT). KCT is a mooncake making paradise, all sorts of pastes, packaging, moulds. That should have been my first stop. Anyways, the other places are pretty good too.

Plunger mould comes in three sizes, 180g, 125g, 50g. I find 180g intimidating lol… It is roughly the same as those wooden moulds. 125g moulds are just slightly smaller. I have shopped around for moulds before deciding on these plunger moulds. Heard from the friendly Bugis Phoon Huat staff that wooden moulds are best as it has a nice depth, shape and design. Plastic moulds (pink ones selling at a much cheaper price than wooden moulds) are shallower. Plastic plunger moulds are also deep enough. I did not chose wooden moulds in the end because I’m not sure about my skill level and also because wood doesnt sound very durable to me. Think about corrosion and high humidity in SG.

KCT sells a variety of pastes. Worthwhile to take a look. Heard they sell 500g when mid-autumn is nearing. 

Glad that overall experience this time round, coupled with snowskin mooncake was fine. Not intimidated like the first attempt last year, with pleasant outcome. 

Dough:Filling ratio is 2.5:7.5 to 3;7 so adjust accordingly. 

Recipe is adapted from Mooncake Sonata by Alan Ooi. I tried the Snowskin Mooncakes recipe and it was good too. Able to keep soft for days unlike last year. 

Didn’t shape into nice balls as u have to mould it afterall. Top four lotus paste balls are slightly smaller as i haven’t wrap the yolks in. Rough balls will do. 

Spray with water before baking to prevent cracks. The mooncake at the top left hand corner does not have a nice imprint and edges because I did not press the edges in while moulding. Thought that the plunger mould will take good care of the shape and design lol.. 

after first ten minutes of baking. Cool for 10-15min before applying egg wash. 

After applying egg wash and baking for 15min. Colour still looks pretty light. Should have followed the recipe to a T, bake 200 deg C instead of 180 deg C. Ended up extending for another few more minutes till I thought it could not go anymore brown. Scared I overbake it and spoil the previous efforts.. 

This is the end product. 

My family likes the recipe as it is not too sweet (both dough and filling). success! 



A. Mooncake pastry

250g plain flour

170g golden syrup

50g canola oil

1tsp alkaline water

B. Filling

Low sugar white lotus paste 1kg, from KCT (actual amount used 996g)

4 salted egg yolks


Medium mooncake mould, plastic plunger type, 125g


  1. Sift plain flour into a large mixing bowl. Form a well in the centre. Pour golden syrup, oil and alkaline water into the middle of the well. Mix well till soft pliable dough is formed. Cover and rest for at least 30min.
  2. Steam salted egg yolks for 10min over high heat till cooked.
  3. Divide lotus paste into 8 x 88g, 4 x 73g. Roll into balls. Flatten the 73g balls and wrap salted egg yolk in it. Roll into balls.
  4. Divide rested dough into 37g each, roll into balls.
  5. Flatten the dough and wrap filling in it. Roll into balls.
  6. Place in mooncake mould; press it in, making sure the edges are pressed in for a better imprint. Invert and press the plunger down on a flat surface (floured or lined with greaseproof material).
  7. Spray or mist with water. Bake in preheated oven at 200oC for 10min, rest 10-15min. Brush with egg wash, taking care of sides if desired. Bake for another 10-15min or till browned.
  8. Store in airtight container for 2-3 days before serving.


  • Dough is very pliable, soft and not too sticky. Just lightly flour hands before handling. Smells very fragrant.
  • Lotus paste from KCT is very pliable too.
  • Raw salted egg yolks are already solid, unlike normal egg yolks. Salted egg yolks are overcooked after 10min. Inner core turned powdery. Should have reduced steaming time, maybe 5-8min.
  • The first mooncake made did not have a nice imprint. I realized there is a need to press the edges in for a better imprint. After inverting it, press the plunger down and wait for it to spring back. Let the mooncake drop out.
  • Calculations are based on 125g mooncake. However, I underestimated the mould size. The packaging was 125g but it clearly could have held more, probably up to 150g. Needs to experiment with that. Wasted as I specially bought a “thicker” mould. Mooncakes were on the thin side, my sis said I cheat $$ lol..
  • The recommended dough:filling ratio is 2.5:7.5 to 3:7. After some research, I allocated about 15g for egg yolks. It worked out pretty well. After wrapping the 73g filling with yolks, it looked about the same size as 88g filling balls.
  • Changed the temperature to 180oC, as in most recipe books, also because Alan Ooi’s mooncake looked very dark in the picture. Turns out mine is too light coloured, even though I increased the baking time zz. Really gei-kiang (假厉害/act smart).
  • Spraying water before baking is important to prevent cracks.
  • Egg glaze has to be brushed on after slightly cooling the mooncakes otherwise it would be cooked almost immediately and blur out the designs. Forgot read from where.. various sources.


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