Snowskin mooncake – ice cream soda recipe

My previous attempt on snowskin mooncakes was pretty satisfying actually, especially after the ego boost by patrons at my friend’s housewarming party. One girl actually could not resist the mooncakes. She find it that good. But, given my nature, I still want to try out more recipes, that might give me better results.

I first made snowskin mooncakes last year, but sadly the mooncakes turned very hard the second or third day in the fridge. Well it might be storage fault too since I did not put it in airtight containers. Nevermind, life is a continual learning journey. This year, I store all my mooncakes in airtight containers before putting into the fridge and most stayed soft for at least 3 to 4 days. I keep coming across this recipe by Aunty Yochana, a very popular blogger good at making various pastries, cakes etc.

The recipe was really soft. In fact, too soft. I was not very happy with the result, probably also because I know deep down how unhealthy it is, using ice cream soda – which I do not usually consume. The recipe is ok, but it just boils down to preferences. Why did I make it in the first place? Interesting. I merely wanted a recipe that produces soft mooncakes, and out of curiosity. Then I realised it was not for me. I think it correspond to many areas in life.

Anyway, not a lot of people dared to touch the mooncakes. They do not know what’s inside (like me, my family do not like soft drinks). It’s probably hunch. lol.. Even in the office.

I substituted 100ml of ice cream soda with pink guava juice, in an attempt to get pink colour. Disappointing as I did not know that the pink will turn out so diluted. Does it even look pink?

After days, the mooncakes still stayed soft (so does my previous recipe made few days back). But I suspect ice cream soda is the culprit for making it so soft that it leaks after a few days in fridge. Yes, the mooncake leaks. It is not the common dry and soft snowskin. It is “raining”, not “snow”. It looked quite intimidating. Too much to put into my mouth. I threw away after days. Good experimentation though. If u love ice cream soda, maybe this recipe is for u. Just try to finish it up asap.


So soft it breaks constantly.. not the easiest-to-handle dough. Lots of pasting.

super soft dough

it was too soft to roll into nicer balls. Paste keep sticking to hands.

It was actually too soft to make a clean cut. Variation with cream cheese. Taste-wise, pretty good. Looks wise, a little intimidating? Coupled with the knowledge that ice cream soda was used. Too bold of me. The pink guava failed to produce a distinct pink colour. Should have used red jam?

Obviously with cream cheese. Maybe I should use similar colours for skin and paste so the cracks will be less obvious..

peach mould was easier to use for this recipe, as with the previous one.

As shown, days later, the mooncake leaks. The softer skin cracks easily, and could have allowed the paste to leak wet liquid.. but I do not think it is due to the red wine berry paste, as my previous batch of mooncakes using Alan Ooi’s recipe stayed dry and soft after days. Maybe it was condensation? I read from other blogs that u should store the mooncakes with a paper on top to prevent condensation from dropping onto the mooncake surface. Then again, it probably would not result in so  much leakage. Another possibility is the pink guava juice – but I did not see similar problems in other blogs which use juices. I wanted edible mooncakes, not something I would hesitate to put inside my mouth.

This is just for experimentation. Days after the mooncakes were made. Ice cream soda snowskin mooncake (left) vs Alan Ooi’s recipe snowskin mooncake (right). The ice cream soda mooncake is only slightly pink, hardly noticeable. The mooncake looks a lot softer overall. The snowskin ingredients seem to affect the paste too. It probably seeped into the paste, making it a lot softer and moist than the one on the right, which probably led to the leaking too.


90 g fried glutinous rice flour (koh fun)
10 g tang mien flour (wheat starch)
30 g shortening
40 g icing sugar
100ml ice cream soda
100ml pink guava juice
Filling: 420g red wine berry paste (divided into 30g each)

Variation: softened cream cheese 10g each + 20g filling

Some fried glutinous flour for dusting


  1. Sift koh fun, wheat starch and icing sugar.
  2. Mix in shortening till resemble bread crumbs.
  3. Pour in ice cream soda and mix into dough.
  4. Divide dough into 25g each, roll into balls.
  5. Divide filling into 30g each, roll into balls.
  6. Flatten dough and wrap filling in it. Push into mould, taking care of edges.
  7. Store in air tight container in fridge.


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