Coffee Snowskin mooncakes

variation: with cream cheese. Mooncake looks like “kueh” if not enough flour is used for dusting

This is the first recipe I used without using koh fun (fried glutinous flour) and shortening. It is adapted from Christine’s recipe. I was just trying out alternatives – sure I can try to fry my own glutinous rice flour. Next year maybe.. lol.. too much mooncakes this year.

What’s all this mooncake fuss about? Mid-autumn is coming. It is a Chinese festival that falls on the 15th Aug of lunar calendar (lunar calendar was in use before modern times). As associated with all festivals, food is involved.. As time passes, variations of the original evolved. Snowskin is one of them..

I personally like this coffee paste very much and wanted to make a soft snowskin to match it. Freshly made, it was pretty good. But the snowskin could not withstand the fridge storage even in airtight container. Leaving it out in room temperature for some time before serving helps a little, but storage no more than 3-4 days probably. The mango snowskin made earlier was even softer than this. Storage-wise, mango snowskin wins hands down. It could be stored longer, and also not too sticky to the container. Alan Ooi’s recipe was good also. Storage was easy, it does not leak, taste ok, but I did not like that raw shortening was used. (many commercial snowskin mooncakes uses raw shortening btw)

I think it looks more “kueh” than snowskin if you do not dust with much flour. In fact, this recipe would hv made decent kueh on its own IMHO.

Overall, this recipe is good for consumption on the day it is made, without putting into fridge. It is also too much trouble, to steam and scrape and knead.. lol.. sometimes I just want a no-fuss recipe. Taste-wise I would say its pretty good. But I would prefer to not go into so much trouble just to make these.

2 kinds of flour.

Combine wet ingredients. Used low-fat milk. wondered if it caused the mooncakes to be on the harder side.

Mix with combined dry ingredients.

Sieve into a large and shallow pan

Remove from wok and allow to cool. Frankly, I think this “kueh” can be eaten on its own. Tastes pretty good actually. I might make this just to eat this.

Scrap it onto tabletop and knead into dough.


Ingredients (18 pieces, 55g each)

55g glutinous rice flour

45g rice flour

25g wheat starch

60g caster sugar

190ml milk

30ml condensed milk

25ml vegetable oil

40ml coffee (40ml water +1tsp freee-dried coffee granules)

Some koh fun (fried glutinous rice flour) for dusting



500g coffee red bean paste; 30g x 14 & 20g x 4

40g cream cheese



55g mooncake mould



  1. Combine sifted flours and sugar. Mix well.
  2. Mix milk, condensed milk, coffee and oil. Pour into flour. Stir to combine. Drain through a sieve into a large and shallow pan.
  3. Steam over medium high heat for 15-20min. Try some steamed pastry to ensure it does not taste raw. Remove from wok and allow cooling.
  4. Scoop dough onto tabletop and knead lightly till smooth. Divide into 25g each
  5. Divide filling into 30g x 14 pieces, 20g x 4 pieces. Shape into balls.
  6. Divide cream cheese into 10g each. Flatten the 20g filling and wrap cream cheese in it. Roll into balls.
  7. Wrap the fillings into dough, mould, and store in airtight container in fridge.



  • Dough sticks to metal surfaces (weird?) but not plastic sheets. Use plastic sheets to cover working surface.
  • Extremely sticky dough for working with, moulding etc- requires lots of dusting flour. Even more than the mango snowskin
  • Cream cheese improves the overall taste I find. It counteracts the sweetness. But 10g is a lot. Maybe can experiment with 5-8g next time.

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