Chocolate snowskin mooncakes

Mooncakes again?? I know.. I have been making lots of mooncakes.. This is post-dated but made before the festival for giveaways. I bought too many packets of paste this year on my second trip to Kwang Cheong Thye. Seriously… do I even need to mention their name so many times? Lol.. It is just a paradise for mooncake making. All kinds of ingredients, packagings, equipments… Next year, go there if u want to make mooncakes. Otherwise, they sell good soya sauce too. (That’s what they are famous for actually.)

These chocolate snowskin mooncakes is a different twist from the other traditional kinds. No traditional flavours at all. No shortening (thankful the recipe by Baking Scientist). She made these lovely (and delicious) mooncakes this year too. I referred to both recipes and wrote down mine. It is almost the same as her recipe except for the cocoa powder and 86% chocolate. I personally do not like too-sweet. The passionfruit paste tastes nice but it smells so sweet while making the mooncakes I feared I will be attacked by ants army anytime.

This recipe is good for moulding. Just make sure to dust with a lot of flour, on the hands, dough and mould while handling) as it tends to be more sticky (not as much as coffee snowskin though. It is also very pliable and good for wrapping. With sufficient koh fun for dusting, moulding is easy. Stays soft in the fridge in air tight container without thawing, unlike the coffee snowskin which requires leaving at room temperature before serving.

I weighed the chocolate into a metal bowl and put the bowl in a pot of boiling water to melt. Do not stir as it could get more  bitter.

chocolate snowskin 4

Ingredients (13 pieces, 55g each)

130g water

50g melted chocolate (86% cocoa dark chocolate – Cote D’Or)

10g cocoa powder (Hershey’s)

64g koh fun (fried glutinous rice flour)

80g icing sugar

9g oil



390g passionfruit paste, from KCT.


Koh fun for dusting



  1. Sift and mix all dry ingredients together.
  2. Mix melted chocolate, oil, water in another bowl.
  3. Make a well in the dry ingredients, Pour in wet ingredients. Stir and mix in quickly in one direction.
  4. Knead the dough till smooth and not sticky.
  5. Weigh out 25g dough and roll into a ball.
  6. Weigh out 30g filling and roll into ball.
  7. Wrap filling in flattened dough and press into mould, taking care of the edges. Unmould. Store in airtight container in fridge.



  • Forgot to sift cocoa powder. Just make sure there are no lumps.
  • Original recipe calls for 70% cocoa dark chocolate and no cocoa powder. I think it does not make much difference. I just prefer less sweet. Did not want to reduce the sugar too much as I feared that would affect pliability. This level of sweetness is acceptable but the sugar level can still be reduced. I think that’s because the paste was really sweet. Try 90% cocoa next year? Lol… or change the paste.
  • Mix quickly as the dough forms very fast.
  • Not much kneading required actually.
  • Dust with a lot of flour.

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