Follow your heart

What kind of person does it take, to want to travel the world? What motivations might trigger that? Some people might be really daring, cool, adventurous. On the other hand, what makes them readily abandon the life they have, leaving their family and friends? Are these not important?

I agree with the article “5 reasons not to quit your job and travel” written by “jonistravelling”. Living a nomad life is not for everyone. Traveling would not cure personality defect or make u more interesting. Facing it heads on and tackling it with a solution will. If u are tired with your life, it does not necessary mean u are bored because u can’t travel or u are meant to live a nomadic life. It might just indicate that u are not doing the things u love. Living on the road for long term can be exhausting.

For such a mini rebel like me, I sometimes wonder “why the hell am I here” when I get to a place. Turns out, the world famous heritage site looks exactly like what u see on postcard. Not extremely exhilarating for me. There are so many interesting things to see and eat and experience, but u can’t have it all. There’s simply no way to taste every single dish or go to every single place without feeling burnout – I think so. There’s just too many.

For instance, I went to Paris and everyone was sayin how “if u don’t visit Effiel Tower u have never been to Paris”. What bullshit I bought into. Even if I have never been to a landmark or tried a dish (a famous dish in Xiamen is worm jelly – would u like that?), it does not erase the fact that I have been there. There are more going on in a place than the food and landmarks or tourist attractions.

After a few extended trips, I feel that it boils down to what u really want to do. Screw the travel-must-dos. Read it, but as a guide. Only do it if it interests u. What’s the point of making yourself worn out and sick if climbing the highest mountain is not what u really want to do?

I have not completed the most bucket lists, or did the most amazing things, but after doing myriad stuffs, I realise the most important thing is to seek within, not outside. External stimuli can make u happy, but for a very short period. U can feel exhilarated on a roller coaster ride. What happens 2hours after that?

Diving Great Barrier Reef was great, and I did not regret doing it even though it was so expensive. But most people don’t really care if u have been there. They go “wow” and that’s it.

The point is, u do it for yourself. If it’s something u think u will regret or wonder what is it like if I did this and that, then do it. But not for the sake of wowing people or because it was on the “10 things u must do before u die” list. What do they know? Those articles are written by humans after all. Everyone is different.

So why do u think it will make u more interesting and awesome after doing something? I think I finally get it.


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