Stranded in Munich Hauptbahnhof 

German trains are usually punctual, for most of my time here. It’s been 21days, minus the almost 12h flight from Singapore. I don’t understand why important information like a delay of possibly 1 hour was not conveyed in English. Don’t Germany realise that Munich is an extremely popular tourist destination and so is the Neuschwanstein castle which inspired Disney fairytale castles? 

That’s why I’m pretty pissed.. And the answer I got from a staff is, “we don’t know what time it will come, if it will come”.. 

Is that acceptable really.. 

That sucks… 

My check in time is limited to before 9pm, as is the case with most German guest houses and small hotels. Now I’m not sure what I can do really.. To give it up and stay one night in Munich instead means paying 2 nights for 1. Don’t they at least owe me an English explanation???


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