Enjoy the moment

I spent twenty over years fretting about how many layers of fat I’ve got underneath my clothes, how my flawless skin used to get ruined by a wrong facial product (it caused my cheeks to be polka dotted and that lasted for about a year), about how ugly and comic-ly (wrongly drawn comic) I am.

Recently I discovered an online guru who is monolid and really really pretty. It’s about confidence. She was able to transform to a typical beauty, but she was a confident babe in her own skin. Thus, she’s beautiful. Her motto (a short sentence at the side of her blog) really inspired me (so does she): “Love yourself. Be beautiful.”

Yeah, I haven’t been doing that. I allowed myself to be fat, ugly and dirty. I saw myself as an enormous creature when I’ve already slimmed down. I pushed people away when they try to get near. I am emotionally distant to people except those I really know well. Im so afraid to show people. And thats me. What if this nice boy discovered about what I used to be? What a weirdo. Wouldn’t life be easier and prettier if I would just chill and smile?

Nobody is going to take notice of u as much as u thought. So what if u have a few flaws? Who doesn’t? Even if u look like a freak with makeup, people might be nice to comment that ‘wow, u r putting on makeup’. Who would say that u look like a monkey? (maybe behind ur back or if in front of u, laugh at it and improve on ur skills!) Why not?! As long as u are happy!! Life is short enough… why fret so much??

If u like to wear this sleeveless top, go ahead, Why bother people pointing at your flabby arms? Come on, how many people have perfect arms?? Do whatever u want to do in this short period of time on earth. Why bother so much? Live in the present, not past, nor future. Enjoy the moment.