Steamed skinless chicken breast

I tried boiling chicken as it’s fast and easy, but realise the taste was bland and dry. So tried this method: 

  • Soy sauce 
  • Vinegar
  • Wine/other alcohol 
  • Sesame oil & coconut oil/other oil
  • Pepper

Marinate the chicken about 20-30min in the fridge. 

Steam for 8-10min until toothpick comes clean.

Done. Easy and nutritious! 

  • Coconut oil tends to cover other flavours so perhaps should use oil with less strong flavour. 

Trust your intuition

This is a post which I feel I must get off my chest immediately.

I am recently in a peaceful mode, because thank god, I am more willing to follow what my heart tells me, and I take actions to get rid of things, people, memory, whatever, that no longer serves in my life.

Lol.. But I happened to saw a picture of my ex married with a girl who he has a crush on for.. who knows how long. So, believe it. Believe when your heart tries to tell you something. Believe in yourself, your intuitions.

I am no bitter woman, not feeling jealous, upset, or devastated.

My reaction was “ah-ha”.

So this was it.

So this is why, although he is a person who posts on Facebook regularly, but wishy washy on declaring your relationship on Facebook, on the excuse that he is old and it is not his style to announce the world his personal life. The next things you see are pictures of him and his new girlfriend posted frequently. zzz. Excuses. (Btw, i find it annoying and have eliminated unwanted items from my Facebook.)

And among common friends, your relationship would be very secretively kept until it cannot be.

And he never tried to introduce you to his own friends. Maybe they are too old. You won’t like their activities.

And he delays introducing his family to you, with more excuses that I can’t be bothered to say. He eventually did, but did not try to let you integrate. It is not in his wish list. And he could not be bothered to integrate into your family, even though you know your family are the loveliest bunch of people you know.

This is why, he was often over sensitive and dismissive and picky towards you. And you wondered whats f**king wrong. No. There’s nothing wrong with you. The answer is, “He does not love you.”

And he would not be willing to pay when you go out. He will press you for payment if you owe him money. He will call you names. After you broke up with him, you would realise he has been bad mouthing you with twisted facts in front of his crush and your other common friends. It does not matter that those are not facts and you never ever say anything bad about him, even though he has plenty, to your common friends. You protect him this way. But he hurts you this way.

Then you realise that your closest friends did not like him in some way since long ago. They can see bad traits in him. They did not approve of him even though there was no interaction. Of course he did not want to have anything to do with your friends. He would rather watch TV at home or do something else. Your friends love you, so they never say anything bad about him. But they come clean when they know the bad romance is over. It is better for me, that I let go of that person. He just doesn’t feel right. Your friends know it.

Well, actually I knew it.

I knew all of it.

I felt that the relationship is not right within the first week. So I suggested not to continue. But he would say that he loves you. NO. Do not trust words. Trust your heart instead. People can lie. Your heart will stay true to you. Your heart knows what it wants, and what are right for you.

If you listened to your heart, you would have prevented all these, and get together with the right one earlier. And you would be the one happily married.

There would be signs that continue to bug you, if you chose to believe in despicable words. You do not feel any spark. You sense dishonesty. You felt lied to. You felt used. You feel that sometimes you are walking on a thin thread, that he can explode anytime, anywhere. You died without knowing why. You feel his boredom, and yours. You feel frustrated, and you know it is not your fault even though he insisted. You make time for him, but he checks Facebook during a meal. (WHAT THE FUCK!) He makes excuses not to meet you. He finds excuses to quarrel. You are extremely unhappy being with such a person, even before you knew he was bitching about you with lies. (Which made me boil afterwards.) There are almost no common topics, and neither of you are interested in what the other was saying. The frequency is very different.

You know you cannot share your life with this person, for myriad reasons which you might not be able to articulate. He did not try to integrate into your life. His habits are unacceptable to you. Sometimes you find him annoying. Sometimes Most of the times, he is unreasonable. No matter what you say, no matter how soft you are, you are always the person who started it, you are always the sinner. The world is bad. His girlfriend is bad. It does not matter what was the issue. He just wanted to fight.

Somehow, you know you would soon be the “crazy ex girlfriend”, except that you know he is the one with issues.

All these ranting.. just to say: Please follow your heart.

I have been in other situations whereby I felt extremely upset, exasperated, outraged.. And all because I did not follow what my intuition told me. Again and again, life has thrown lessons at me, reminding me to follow my heart. I know it will keep throwing painful lessons at me if I still do not learn.

So I hope I have learnt.

Although the above was an ultra ridiculous experience, what’s past has past. I am not sure how long the married couple would be happy together. They are deleted from my life.

What’s important now is how I would live my own life, and live a great one!

If your heart tells you that it is not possible to trust the relationship or the person, listen to it, and get away ASAP.

Another adage is true: You just know it.

I am glad it was all over. And I know I am in a better place now. I have found my Mr Right, and every experience with him is pure bliss. When a person/situation/matter is right, you just know it. Your heart knows it. So listen.




Stranded in Munich Hauptbahnhof 

German trains are usually punctual, for most of my time here. It’s been 21days, minus the almost 12h flight from Singapore. I don’t understand why important information like a delay of possibly 1 hour was not conveyed in English. Don’t Germany realise that Munich is an extremely popular tourist destination and so is the Neuschwanstein castle which inspired Disney fairytale castles? 

That’s why I’m pretty pissed.. And the answer I got from a staff is, “we don’t know what time it will come, if it will come”.. 

Is that acceptable really.. 

That sucks… 

My check in time is limited to before 9pm, as is the case with most German guest houses and small hotels. Now I’m not sure what I can do really.. To give it up and stay one night in Munich instead means paying 2 nights for 1. Don’t they at least owe me an English explanation???

Minestrone Soup


I swear it looks totally delicious (and taste delicious) and way much better than this mash.. This is taken after microwaving my lunch. Yes, I am slowly settling into my new workplace, which is a pain in the ass to get to, as any 1hr+ bus ride almost equal discomfort for sure. Multiply it by 2, then 5 days per week. After the bus ride, it is another short bus ride OR 20 min walk. It is a big inconvenience.. which I overlooked before accepting the job offer.

On top of that, there is an infamous canteen in the area. Infamous because it is the one and only. Once, I bought watermelon from the fruit & drinks stall. While the watermelon looks like it has been left overnight and not fresh, it costs 20cents more expensive compared to similar places in Singapore. And, because I requested to cut the fruit (I cant figure how to eat the huge melon without squashing it against my face.. not fun in the early morning. Perhaps the auntie finds it a good way to earn extra money, and it is too hassle for her, she decides to charge me extra 10 cents. Nice. While 10 cents is a meagre amount, I decided not to patronise her ever again. Too bad that she will lose the many more cents she would have earned from me (whenever I might buy from her out of convenience), just because she wants to earn this “10 cents”. It is not a huge amount really… what a shame.

I have recently become vegetarian, after a trip to India, and trying to keep things this way. The only option in the canteen is Indian food, which by the way also serves meat. Hmm, excuses aside, I actually do not wish to let others decide my health anymore. I want to know exactly what I eat. I want to eat better and healthier. So I decide to make my own.

This minestrone soup is a spinoff from the first result of google search. From Food network. My sis says it looks weird with lady fingers, and she doesn’t eat that. But I actually find it good. I decided at the spur of moment to cook this, hence I was not able to get some of the ingredients.. Anyway, I think it turns out pretty good.

I kept it in fridge and microwaved it for lunch. Keeping some in the freezer too.


1 large onion

2 stalks of celery

1 large carrot

5 lady fingers

4 cloves of garlic

2 tomatoes

1 large can of baked beans (with the sauce)

1 large can of diced tomatoes

1 cup of pasta

6 cups of broth or water


  1. Dice all vegetables. Mince the garlic.
  2. Saute onion in a little oil, until it softens
  3. Add in carrot and celery and continue to stir fry.
  4. Add in the lady fingers and saute for a while.
  5. Add in garlic and saute for about 30 seconds, taking care to prevent browning of garlic, which would cause it to be bitter.
  6. Stir in tomatoes and diced tomatoes, until slightly reduced.
  7. Add baked beans, pasta and broth. Bring to boil, and then lower to simmer and cook until vegetables turn tender.
  8. For seasoning, add some salt and pepper. Enjoy!


  • Used baked beans as I could not find any beans at that hour.. Not a staple in Singapore. It turned out pretty good, but probably not very healthy..?
  • Wanted to add cabbage but the cabbage left at that late hour did not look fresh, hence added lady fingers instead. If using cabbage instead, there is no need to stir fry. Just add it together with broth.
  • Lady fingers sounds like a weird combi, but I figured that I really liked the vegetable. It turned out well. Just make sure to stir fry it, so that it will be more fragrant, before adding broth.
  • With only water (instead of broth) and no salt, the soup tasted pretty decent already. I think it’s because of the sauces from the cans, which are salty enough. But extra salt just brings it up to another level. (unhealthy I know..)

Chocolate Sunrise Smoothie

This recipe is adapted from Tone It Up. Took no pictures as I was running out of time for work.

Used in combination with my new Thermos waterbottle, my new toy. 🙂


1 cup of HL low fat milk

1 banana

2 tsp cocoa powder

1/2 scoop whey protein powder, chocolate flavoured.

2 tsp flaxseed


Blend all ingredients together.


– 1/2 scoop instead of 1 scoop because one scoop is 120 calories..

– texture was kind of thin, I wonder is it partially because of the reduced protein powder content.

– For thicker smoothie, maybe substitute half the milk with yoghurt.

– flaxseed clumped together without mixing, and caused a mudslide on my white tank top this morning, as I thought I finished the drink and was trying to eat the flaxseeds.

– flaxseeds thickens the smoothie.

– not very filling, maybe because I drank it in small portions.